Supporting Induction with a VLE

A virtual learning environment (VLE) is a piece of software designed to support and manage teaching and learning that enables 24 hour, seven days a week, remote, sucure access via the internet to a range of resources and tools.

Moodle is one such VLE that is commonly used in FE and Skills.

The VLE functionality can replicate a number of the activities that have been covered in this course.

In Moodle both the Choice activity, which can replicate a web browser poll, and the Quiz, can be used to check a learner's understanding of the topics covered in induction.
The Quiz can also be used to create learner profiles for learning and work styles questionnaires.

The Moodle Lesson activity can be used to create e-learning consisting of text, video, audio and images, with questions. This is especially useful for delivering Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity training, which can be designed for classroom delivery and remote learning. The availability of these resources through a VLE means that learners can access them on an on-going basis throughout their training programme.
Moodle activities

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