Qik Embracing the Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is carried by most of the UK adult population and smart phone usage is increasing all the time. So it seems sensible to embrace the device, that a large proportion of people use to organise their lives, for supporting a learner's training programme.

Induction activites that get learners up and about and joining in discussion are far more engaging and memorable than sitting at a desk. Free tools like Qik, Google Maps and Mapwing lend themselves to activities that engage learners in researching, finding information and evidencing their findings.
With Qik you can record and instantly share your video. You can also send video email. The video is streamed live and can be viewed on a mobile phone or in a web browser. The video is saved and can then be watched again.

This means that the person leading the induction can watch, via their own web browser, video that is being recorded by learners in any location e.g. learners could be on a tour of the building to find certain information, each with a designated role to play in a team.
Last modified: Saturday, 20 August 2011, 1:28 PM