Using Online Surveys

You may choose to use an online survey or questionnaire tool because:
  • you do not have a VLE in which to set up this type of resource
  • you may prefer the presentation and editing features of an online supplier to your available survey or questionnaire tool.
A questionnaire can not only check understanding, but can also deliver learning. You could embed a video or audio in your questionniare and then ask questions about the resource.

There are many free on-line survey or questionnaire suppliers, however Kwik Surveys is the only free and unlimited survey tool. It provides:
  • Free unlimited questions, answers and surveys
  • Questions that can be made up of text, video or images
  • Editing of the quiz template
Below is a snapshot of a very basic questionniare that has been created to check the understanding of information delivered in an induction.

Last modified: Monday, 22 August 2011, 3:14 PM