Dabbleboard is an on-line collaboration application that’s centred around a whiteboard.

You can:
  • Upload documents and add images to the whiteboard
  • Create and save a drawing or template
  • Share your whiteboard link
  • Text chat or voice and video chat
There are lots of different activities you can do with Dabbleboard, but here's an example:

A fun activity, which can be used in a face to face environment or remotely. Each learner types in 2 facts about themselves; one that is true and one that is untrue. Then everyone else marks which they think is the true fact about each learner. Each learner then tells the group which fact is true about themselves. If the activity is carried out remotely the text chat and video and voice chat can be used.

It's use can serve various purposes that gets learners:
  • used to using an IT suite and a collaboration tool which they may be required to use during their course, (for delivery of remote training centred around a presentation Dabbleboard is not the best option)
  • to learn about, and communicate with, their peers
  • involved in group discussion
Dabbleboard activityDabbleboard chatVideo chat

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