Mobile device based applications

In the past 12 months there has been anexplosion of applications for use on mobile devices. These have mainly focused on games and location search engines. Simply put,information is tailored to your action or physical location. For example, if you are using a location based AR search application, the information related to your immediate surroundings is overlaid onto the camera image of your device.

Wikitude is an integrated browser whichallows the user to view the world through a camera with information about your surroundings overlaid on the screen. Earlierdevices such as the Apple iPhone 3G can use Wikitude, but the overlay occurs ona map.

We have provided two video links to show Wikitude in action. If you have a smart phone you can try the application by downloading the appropriate app from your supplier.

Example Video Try it for yourself

Video from

showing desktopapplication generating a location.

Video from

showing thebrowser in use on a SmartPhone.

Download the appropriate application for your phone. Wikitude is available for iPhone, Android and Symbian devices.

Visit and register with to add your own geo-tags. Note that there is a 24 hour delay before these show up on mobile devices.

Last modified: Monday, 26 July 2010, 2:16 PM