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Take a guided tour of some key websites for finding image resources:

Specific sites

There are a growing number of places to go to find image resources online. Although some focus on education, most do not. In addition, the majority do not provide useful information about reusing resources or provide copyright information about the content they provide access to. However there are some excellent sites which provide content with the education sector firmly in mind. A few examples are listed here, including those that are available via Jisc Collections. Separate links are available on the right hand side of this page, so you can skip to a specific website if, for example, you are more interested in learning about one site more than another.

Jisc MediaHub -

The primary multimedia platform for UK education, offering a wealth of digital image, video and audio collections.

You can embed the Jisc MediaHub search widget in your own website. This will allow visitors to your site to search the archive from your site rather than having to go to the platform. Just copy the following iframe code into any page on your site.

<iframe src=""
width="250" height="200"
scrolling="no" frameborder="0"
marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">

A number of image resources are available for searching within Jisc MediaHub, including:

  • BGS GeoScenic
  • BioScience Image Bank
  • Culture Grid
  • First World War Poetry Digital Archive
  • The Fitzwilliam Museum
  • Getty
  • Imperial War Museum
  • My Leicestershire History
  • Wellcome Images

A good feature of Jisc MediaHub is that you can easily identify content available through the collections through the use of icons.

Jisc e-Content -

Jisc e-Content website is the gateway to digital collections designed for education. They are mainly aimed at university students, researchers, teaching staff and librarians but many of the online archives are open to anyone. The collections are supported via Jisc and Jisc Collections and are provided in association with publishers and institutions including:

  • The British Library
  • The National Archives
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Oxford University Press
  • and many other leading universities and libraries

Flickr -

This is a public photo sharing service allowing members of the public from around the work to share their photos. Flickr contains a huge amount of images, and you are now able to search within these for images made available through Creative Commons licensing.

Within Flickr there are a number of microsites, which are worth investigating as they make available images from the cultural heritage domain.

For example, Flickr's The Commons makes available images from the world's photographic archives and includes contributors such as:

  • National Library of Scotland
  • Cornell University Library
  • NASA
  • The National Archives, UK
  • The Library of Congress

It is believed that there are no known copyright restrictions associated with the images provided by the collections' contributors and so can be used for teaching, learning and research, though don't forget to attribute the image's source.

Using the advanced search function of Flickr means that you can restrict your search to only finding images that have been licensed under Creative Commons. As a sub action under ticking this box, you can also state that you only want to find images that you can modify, adapt or build on: though again be sure to look in detail at the rights associated with each image (don't forget there is a variation in the creative commons licensing scheme) and attributation.


This is a portal that offers entry to the vast cultural heritage resources that have been digitised from Europe's museums, galleries, archives and libraries.

There is a long list of organisations who have provided content for this portal: which can be found at:

Content has also been usefully aggregated, see:

Images Online from The British Library

The Images Online is the picture library provided by The British Library offering access to thousands of digital images from the Library's greatest collections.

V & A Images

There are over 350,000 images in this collection covering the topics of art and design from objects within the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Museum offers an advice page also on how the images can be used and makes reference to academic usage.

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