Success story

A case study of a successful location and use of video.

Alice Smith is a media studies lecturer whose area of expertise is film and video production.

She frequently uses excerpts from a wide variety of films and videos to illustrate both technical and aesthetic aspects of production.

Alice has an extensive collection of videos from which she is able to take examples, but is aware of the inadequacy of this approach.

"There is so much material that has been produced and so many things to show that it's almost impossible (not to mention time-consuming and expensive) to collect it all myself.

"I am aware that just because something appears on YouTube doesn't mean that it's legal to use it, so I was originally apprehensive about getting material off the web. But I looked into Vimeo and then iTunes and before I knew it I had a list of resources to search for relevant materials."

Alice still has her own source material but increasingly turns to the web when looking for something new.

"The benefits of searching for video on the web are twofold. Firstly, I can often find something that conveys a point I want to make even better than a clip I'm currently using. Secondly, it means that I can keep my presentations feeling up-to-date by using newer materials that my students will be more likely to appreciate. And by using sites that I know provide free-to-use, copyright-cleared materials, I don't have to worry that I'm putting myself and the college into a potentially dangerous situation simply by trying to provide my students with the most relevant material".

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