It's all just video isn't it?

Now that you've seen some of the sites and collections for finding video it is worth spending some time considering how you can deliver the video content you discover.

  • Download
    Consider download if... you are permitted to reuse the video you have discovered
    • Simply upload the video to your server, then copy and paste the hyperlink into a VLE page
    • Simple to watch: just click the hyperlink
      • Little security: files can be copied
    • Viewers must download your video in full before viewing
  • Embed
    Consider embedded video if... you want instant start or a 'remote' video source
    • Embed code pasted into VLE web page
    • Video plays within a browser window
    • Video held locally on your server or remotely (e.g. YouTube)
    • Instant playback
    • Students do not download whole files
  • Stream
    Consider streaming if... you need 'live' video or long durations
    • Looks like embedding but streamed from a 'media server'
    • 'Live' feed is possible: no limits on file size
    • Can detect viewing platform (e.g. mobile devices) and stream accordingly
    • Video not downloaded or cached but viewed instantly (similar to TV broadcast)
  • Video Podcast
    Consider using podcasts if... you want to release the video in 'episodes'

How a resource provider makes their content available varies from provider to provider. For example, some sites only allow you to embed their video, others allow download and reuse, and others use a combination of methods. You should always read the terms and conditions for using content before attempting to download or reuse the resource.

Last modified: Monday, 31 March 2014, 11:34 AM