Why use online video?

Online video is used to:


Set the scene and engage learners in a class discussion.


Explore concepts and processes presented within video resources as well as the procedures involved in making them.


Examine the structure and textual qualities of the resource, and evaluate alternative perspectives.


Re-use video resources to create a new resource.

This is a simplified version of the Dial-e Framework, which was developed by Jisc to support the use of online video in teaching and learning. The Dial-e Framework website features useful pedagogical exemplars, technical tutorials and video case studies.

As a student

  • out of hours learning
  • distance learning
  • learn from experts around the globe
  • view different perspectives on a subject
  • create multimedia assignments
  • share your own knowledge and experiences
  • tap into a vast and diverse resource
  • acquire and demonstrate new skills
  • express yourself differently

As a teacher

  • illustrate difficult concepts/processes/subjects
  • accommodate different learning styles
  • prompt creative thinking
  • make learning resources available 24/7
  • add interest to teaching resources
  • facilitate distance learning
  • save time over creating your own resources

As a member of the support staff

  • skills development
  • knowledge enhancement and sharing
  • generate and share ideas

Tips for staff

  • break longer videos into snippets
  • set activities around content of video to focus students' attention
  • set post-viewing activities to further engage students in the content and to utilise other communication tools

Jisc Digital Media resources:

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Using search engines

How useful are search engines for finding video resources?

The Jisc Digital Media Review of Moving Image Search Engines provides a comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons of various search engines for finding moving images.

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