Prior to the start of the session you should access and test the webinar software.

Learning to Learn Online - Part 1

Welcome and Introductions

Introductory Presentation


using Blackboard Collaborate (webinar software)

using Moodle

Activity 1 - Logging into Moodle, create your profile and review the site

Activity 2 - Quiz - Moodling basics

Question & Answer session

coffee break

Learning to Learn Online - Part 2

Welcome and introductions for part 2 participants with a brief round up and summary of part 1

Activity 3 - familiarisation and socialisation Ice breaker - describe your perfect meal

Presentation outlining and describing the skills required for participating in an online course. This will focus on a model which emphasises the importance of collaboration to establish a learning community to add value to learning resources and provide an opportunity to discuss concepts being presented.

Q&A and discussion session

Course Summary

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