e-tivity 4 - Write your journal

Write your own Journal

For this e-tivity, you will be writing Your Course Journal.

For your first entry:

  1. Identify 2 ideas from Week 1 that you could adopt in your own practice
  2. Add any reflections on week 1, such as what you have learnt and areas you would like to investigate further.

Please note that the tool we are using for the course allows only the course tutors to see your journal entries and you will not be able to see entries created by others.

Please complete this e-tivity by the end of Friday on Week One.


  • To reflect on what you have learnt over the first week.
  • Through the process of writing in your course journal, to analyse how you are progressing and what gaps might need addressing in your learning.
  • To fully engage and reflect on your own CPD in an online collaborative learning environment.

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