How to use this site

The home page of the Learning Platform has access to a number courses and resources including some that are freely available and can be browsed at your leisure.

To access the Digital Literacies for Digital Learning course choose the link in the Learning Online course category. This will take you to the home page of the course itself. Once you have logged into the site for the first time bookmark the home page and when you access it subsequently, you will be taken directly there after you sign in.

Glossary links
Some words or phrases contained within the site may change to underlined with a question mark when you hover over them. These are words that are contained within a glossary and if you click on these words a pop up box will appear with a definition.

Information and Support
Refer to the Information and Support section on the homepage for advice and guidance on how to navigate around the site and engage with various activities.

Your Course Journal
We encourage you to document your experience on the course by using the Course Journal facility. Journal entries will be visible to you and your tutor.

This course is designed to be a collaborative experience. The more you put in to the course, the more you and others will get out of it - so please contribute in the discussion forums and use the virtual cafe for getting to know others on your course.

Last modified: Friday, 11 October 2013, 11:03 AM