Course Overview

Digital Literacies for Digital Learning                                                           

The course is a practical overview and introduction to digital literacy. A "how to" approach for learning, teaching and support staff to innovate new models of curriculum delivery and stay on par with the digital curve. A starting point to begin developing and adapting current work practices for an online environment.

 During the course participants will be given an opportunity to experience a range of activities over a three week period. The course uses three main aspects of digital literacies; Content, Communication and Creation.
Each week will focus on one of these aspects to enable the learner to discuss and form ideas regarding; 

  • finding, evaluating and using online information
  • how to collaborate and communicate in a digital environment
  • tools available to support the creation of resources.

The Jisc RSC Scotland Learning Platform (Moodle) will serve as a central hub for the course and will make use of a number of online tools including webinars, discussion forums and blogs.

An underpinning concept of the online course is the importance of dialogue and sharing of practice, ideas and perspectives amongst a group of people in order to learn. By focusing on authentic tasks, the social aspects of learning and the development of a learner community, the course activities support not only the learning of the individual participant but the development of the group as a whole.

 The course will take place over a three –week period  during which you will be given the opportunity to participate in a range of online activities. The majority of the online activities can be slotted in to suit your own schedule however there are some synchronous (real-time) activities and we ask that you can commit to these sessions when you sign up for the course (please note these sessions will be recorded).

 The synchronous (real-time) activities will take place on the following dates:

  • Monday, 2 June at 12 noon (lasting around 45 minutes)
  • Friday, 20 June at 12 noon (lasting around 45 minutes)

 As well as the synchronous commitments, you will also be asked to complete a number of asynchronous activities and all course activities will commit participants to at least 3 hours of learning per week for the duration of the course.

A certificate of completion will be issued after successful participation in the online course activities which can be used as evidence of CPD.

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