How to create video using digital images

Microsoft® Movie Maker

There is a range of free and commercial software available which can be used to create videos. 

Using editing software such as Microsoft® Movie Maker and using the story boarding option can help develop a range of other skills including literacy, language, communication and sequencing skills. Storylines can be written on strips of paper for students create the scene in sequence. In addition, the sequence of the storyboard could be changed along with the audio to enable reflection on the atmostphere and genre.

Microsoft® Movie Maker is demonstrated here and will be used to show how to create a 'stop motion' video. There is specialist software available to create 'stop motion' videos both commercial (Claymation Studio) and free (Anasazi).

'Stop motion' videos are created using a large number of photographs taken as an object is manipulated, which on film will appear to move on its own. It is a very simple form of animation. Wallace and Gromit are probably the most famous stop-frame animated characters.

The following example explains how to make a sandwich. Other examples can be found on this blog.