Day 1 - Online: Tuesday 18th June 2013

"Scaling the digital literacy mountain – how the RSCs can help you avoid the pitfalls and reach new heights"

I work as an e-Learning Advisor at the Jisc Regional Support Centre (Yorkshire & Humber) and a key part of my role is to help organisations identify and embed appropriate digital technologies into their teaching and learning strategies, whether this is through face-to-face events, online networking or peer support. I am also currently chair of the Jisc RSC national working group on digital literacy, which involves project managing a team of advisors in the development and delivery of the RSC's national offer.

Sometimes tackling the whole issue of digital literacy throughout your organisation can seem like you have a mountain to climb, but with RSC support help is at hand! Addressing digital literacies at the organisational level ensures effective planning and embedding of the skills and attributes required to equip learners for living, learning and working in a digital world.  This online workshop outlines the range of support that is currently available from the RSCs and introduces a number of services, ranging from peer support, staff development and action planning, to help you identify the right approach for you.

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