Get ready to attend a web conference

Will My Equipment Work?

Is your equipment set up for Web Conferencing? You may need to talk to your IT department about your security settings and web access. If you are unsure about access inform your IT department of the system requirements advised by the web conference host. Dont be afraid to contact the host if system requirements are unclear.
If the web conference host offers an opportunity to test access in advance of the live session take the opportunity to test your set up, particularly if this is your first webinar. If there are issues with your set up this will give you time to see if they can be resolved by your IT department, or perhaps you can access the web conference from a different location.
You can access Web Conferencing on a variety of devices, this could include mobile devices (check with your host if you hope to attend using a tablet device or phone), although they may not have full functionality. Don't worry if you have an older computer, because a well maintained older system will function better than a poorly maintained newer system. Just make sure that your system is well maintained and contains the latest updates for both your system software and hardware.

You will also need the following:

Access to a reliable broadband service. Wireless is often sufficient, but if you want a consistent online experience use a hard wired connection.

A comfortable headset (including microphone). A web camera if you want to transmit video.