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Here are some general points to consider regarding your presentation:

Avoid making slides too busy.

Make sure they are clear and easily readable on a PC or mobile device.

Use images, but make sure they are relevant to your content so they reinforce rather than conflict with your message.

Use slides to build in natural pauses for questions and other interactions that could involve your audience (e.g. polls and annotation).

Check whether the web conferencing interface you are using supports slide animations. Some don't which may mean you need to present information differently (e.g. use separate slides if you wanted to question learners before illustrating a point or showing an answer).

If you need to show slides with considerable detail or just want participants to listen rather than use the chat, make sure that you explain how to view the presentation full screen or enlarge it.

Story, Imagery, & the Art of 21st Century Presentation: Garr Reynolds at TEDxKyoto 2012

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