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Participant Engagement

'Is Anyone Out There Actually Listening?'

'Anyone who has... given a remote presentation of any sort, has had this thought pop up at least once. So how can you encourage people to listen, and even better, absorb your presentation? How will you know your audience is engaged?'

Randah McKinnie, 2008

Participant engagement in webinars is important because it helps keep your audience interested and included. It also allows presenters to judge understanding, answer queries or add detail as necessary.

When planning your session, build in regular interaction to suit the scale of your session. Wherever possible make use of a range of tools and methods to provide interest, challenge your audience and keep them engaged. If you have a small audience you may be able to interact with them regularly using annotation tools and chat. If you have a large audience you could use polling and voting tools. 

A combination of interactive tools and thoughtful delivery techniques can make for an active and enjoyable session.

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