Let's deliver an online session


Most systems provide a facility for a live video feed from the facilitator’s webcam.

Using a video feed enables participants to see the facilitator in person and this can help to make them feel more comfortable.

You may want to use webcams sparingly. They may take up a lot of bandwidth and some participants find the movement distracts them from the whiteboard.

You might want to use it at the start of your session, and then perhaps at the end.

A short live video introduction can help to reduce that feeling of remoteness that participants may feel. Whatever you decide, here are a few points to bear in mind:

  • Look directly into the webcam when you talk – this establishes that important eye contact. Keep a note on your screen to remind you to look at the webcam.
  • Use your normal hand gestures whilst on camera – nodding, gesturing, smiling etc.
  • Make sure your Webcam quality is good – make sure that the picture quality is good – set up your webcam, check the lighting, and the backlighting.
  • Finally, be careful what you show on camera – double check that the camera does not pick up something in the background you do not want broadcast!

Some online presenters use props, puppets and hats on webcam to add interest and fun to the session.