Let's deliver an online session

Common Problems - Troubleshooting

Situation Possible Cause How to Prevent the Situation A Possible in the moment response

A participant has trouble logging in to a virtual classroom event.

User error if the participant does not have the correct web link or types in the wrong passcode.

Ensure participants have correct information prior to the session.

Have both the host/trainer link and password and the participant link and password in an easily accessible spot.

Email the correct link and passcode information.

Verbally tell the participant the link and password information.

A virtual classroom feature does not work as planned (such as poll question does not load). User error if the trainer clicks on the wrong button.

Master the virtual classroom software programme, knowing all the buttons and features.

Practice all the software features ahead of time.

Pause then click on the right button.

Switch to a contingency plan, such as typing the poll question on the whiteboard.

Participants are not able to annotate on the screen or whiteboard. User error if the trainer did not enable this participant functionality.

Practice all the software features ahead of time.

Follow all pre-class set up procedures, including checking required participant privileges.

Navigate to the participant privileges screen and enable these privileges.