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Effective Use of Voice

A professional sounding voice, full of energy and enthusiasm, and pitched in a conversational tone will improve the credibility and clarity of your message.

By using concise and articulate language and reinforcing visuals, you won't ramble! Always be aware that you must not talk for too long...

Keep your pace and tone conversational and try to talk naturally. Don’t talk too fast – or too slowly – practise to get your pacing just right.

It is not practical to try to talk non-stop throughout your session. Plan time to breath and have a drink.

During the session, while you wait for participants to respond to questions or to type in chat, you can go off microphone to take a breather, take a sip of water, and collect yourself before you continue.

Get into the habit of using the mute or simply releasing the microphone whenever you're not talking.

Click on the image to listen to Roger Courville describing how you can use your voice for maximum impact
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