Let's deliver an online session


In an online environment, human interaction does not just happen naturally. Your learners need a way to get to know each other. This is particularly important at the start of a course or if you only meet online.

How much time you can commit to an icebreaker?

One approach may be to have an icebreaker activity running just while you are waiting for everyone to join the room.

For example; you can ask attendees to say 3 things about themselves, two truths and one lie. Others have to guess the lie! or you can pair participants in chat and ask them to introduce each other.

Click on the links below for some further ideas on activities for icebreakers.

Free online puzzle maker
Create puzzles and other diversions. Use with the whiteboard, chat and microphone.

Create a graphic containing some movie or music images. Ask participants to guess the titles using chat or a microphone.

Brain Teasers - Logic problems for you to use with chat.