Dexterity Impairments

Here are some suggestions that will enable participants who have difficulty with dexterity to get the most out of your online session:

  • Personality and privacy check - do they want others to know and if so what is their preferred explanation.
  • Depending on the context the presenter can send any resources to the delegate beforehand so they can prepare their responses/questions.
  • Build in staging points for the facilitator to summarise key threads aurally (navigation may be trickier with a mouse).
  • Give option of 'open mic'.
  • Ask participants which aspects of the session they would prefer to concentrate on. If they have already received the resources and script this will be easier.
  • If participants are using the keyboard with adaptations or other technologies, you will need to allow sufficient time for contributions via chat.
  • Participants may want to access some aspects of the session afterwards.
  • If you have a co-facilitator, ask them to stand by to offer additional support by using periodic messaging to check all is ok.


There are many technologies, both specialist and mainstream, that can help participants who have difficulty with dexterity. This webpage will give you more information:


Jisc TechDis - For people who have difficulty handling and manipulating things

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