Features that facilitate sharing


The ability to record is very useful, it provides you with a secondary resource which can be used by those who missed the live web conference or revisited by those that did, perhaps for revision puposes. Links to recordings can be sent out by email or added to websites.


Screen sharing

This facility allows you to share your full desktop and means that your viewers can see everything on your screen as you open it and move your mouse around. Screen sharing can be really useful to demonstrate how to use software or to showcase resources from your PC. It also give you the ability to share any type of document with your participants (by opening it up on your PC) rather than be limited to just the main presentation.


Web tours

A web tour is similar to desktop sharing but allows you to take participants to specific web pages through your PC. This facility can be very useful to show web based resources and how to make the best use of them.


File sharing

Most web conferencing platforms will allow the moderator'facilitator (webinar host) to share files with participants. Unlike in a web tour where attendees see a document on the web conference host's desktop, shared files can be downloaded for participants to keep and make use of during the session or for activites afterwards. While file sharing can be achieved in other ways being able to make relevant documents instantly available live during a web conference can be very convenient for all. 


Breakout rooms

This advanced feature is only likely to be found in premium web conference platforms. Breakout rooms allow you to divide your participants in to groups and send them off in to separate rooms for discussion and activities. Usage would be a timed activity, with all participants returning to the main room at some point. While breakout rooms can take your web conference to new levels of interaction they are also more demanding to manage, making it essential to plan your approach carefully in order to fulifill your objectives for including them. This feature is seldom found in web conferencing platforms that specialise in convening online meetings.