DO: Improve your creative skills

Reworking a PowerPoint into a prezi

FIRSTLY you will need to create a free prezi account if you are going to use this software. Go to the following webpage and sign-up using your school/college email address.

WATCH the prezi below to guide you how to import your PowerPoint and then edit the imported slides

Now it's your turn!


  1. Log into prezi
  2. Select "New prezi"
  3. Select "Start blank prezi"
  4. Select "Insert" and then "PowerPoint"
  5. Select a PowerPoint from a file and "Open" to begin importing your PowerPoint.

To edit your imported PowerPoint, test out the following features of prezi:

  • insert all the slides (right hand side of screen) and then select the green tick
  • use the frame selector (left hand side of screen) to go through each slide and correct any formatting errors
  • edit path of the slides (Select "Edit path" button). A nice feature is to have a shot of all the slides. Add this by first zooming out so all slides are in view.Then select "Add current view" to your path