Finding e-Learning hotspots in your subject

Advantages to your learners, your team and yourself

It is important to decide how to integrate ICT into the scheme of work and which topics lend themselves to ICT.

You will need to prioritise your move into on-line learning. ICT is a tool that extends and enhances good practice rather than constituting a replacement for traditional delivery. The very best teaching and learning uses a range of delivery methods, and it is nearly always best to start modestly with small-scale projects that you will be using soon after its completion. Learners respond better to a limited resource which 'does what the label says' than they do to an ambitious site full of 'Under Construction' messages.

To make your efforts worth while, you could incorporate the ICT tasks into the work scheme and into some of the assessments you set. The list below suggests a number of ways you can incorporate ICT into the topics you deliver.