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Day 2 - 'Encouraging Innovation' - Wednesday 26th June 2013

Lisa Lee and Simone Hawken

Lisa and Simone have both worked for ISA Training for over 8 years. They commenced their careers in the Hairdressing Industry and then went onto to become training consultants at ISA they are now both Internal Verifiers for the business. One of their key roles is to address the quality of the learning experience for our apprentices and part of this has been to identify innovative ways to engage the apprentices in learning through technology. This project has arisen as part of their enthusiasm and commitment to transform training in the company.

As part of ISA’s strategy to assist their training consultants to engage our learners, they wished to trial and develop the use of ‘tethering’ using mobile phones to provide wireless hotspot access to online resources at training days. These which take place across Wales every week and are hosted in salons made available by employers. Very few of these salons have any WiFi access.

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