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Day 2 - 'Encouraging Innovation' - Wednesday 26th June 2013

Sarah Williams

Over the past two years Yale College has invested in developing a 21st Century learning environment. A campus wide wireless network is now installed across both College sites, enabling learners to connect their own devices onto the Internet anywhere in College. An extensive range of mobile devices (laptops, iPads, chromebooks) were purchased to enable IT to be taken into classrooms rather than learners using an IT classroom. The presentation provides case study examples on the use of mobile devices to support learning at Yale College.

The session focuses on embracing the use of Apps that enable learners to use their own devices to actively participate in lessons. Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in learning activities using some of these Apps in iPads and where possible their own mobile devices. The session will also explore techniques used to create opportunities for learners to access learning materials both at College and away from the physical learning environment.

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