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Let's follow up an online session


Allow participants to evaluate their experience.

This could be built into the session using voting, chat or other tools.

Some web conferencing tools include evaluation facilities, for use during and after the session.

Participants could evaluate the session afterwards using online survey tools.


For virtual training to work it should match an organisation's strategy, vision, and goals. But, how do you know the experience will be right? How do you know if it will deliver a great learning experience? What does effective and engaging virtual training look like and how would you be able to tell the difference between a great experience and a bad one? Virtual training will be effective when it reaches the intended, dispersed learners; occurs at the right time(s); and requires minimal effort once a roster is provided (the logistics, technology, communications, and evaluations all occur in a timely manner). Click on the image below to see a scorecard you can use to help track what success looks like as you embark upon finding the right virtual training experience for your organisation.