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Accessibility Planning

There are many things you can do to make sure that all your online sessions are as accessible as possible.

So what would YOU do if ……..

  • You had a profoundly deaf delegate in your session?
  • You had a moderately visually impaired delegate in your session?
  • You had a blind delegate in your session?
  • You had someone who is severely dyslexic in your session?

 Here are some considerations:

  • Check the accessibility features available in your web conferencing platform.
  • Do you have a standard accessibility question in your booking form?
  • Provide another opportunity for participants to let you know about their accessibility requirements in the joining instructions.
  • Encourage participants to let you know their needs by other appropriate means.
  • Adapt your session and resources before the day according to the needs of your participants.
  • Be sure that all participants have the necessary resources at least twenty four hours ahead of time, so they are able to prepare.
  • Make sure your adaptations don't exclude other participants!

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