CREATE: Start your own blog

The final challenge is to design a blog page on the dangers of social media you have learned about, and produce a list of tips which will change people’s views on how they interact online. If you haven't created a blog before, you might need to refer to the guidelines that accompany this offline assignment.

Why blog?

Most bloggers consider blogging a hobby. It can be a fairly time-consuming hobby, as many bloggers spend several hours each week writing blog posts, replying to comments, and more. So why do they do it?

  • To share my experiences and expertise
  • To speak up about an issue I care about
  • To become more involved with my hobbies and passions
  • To be part of a community
  • To advance my career or start a career in writing
  • To keep my family and friends updated about my life

There are different blogging sites that are designed to meet different individual's needs. Firstly explore these sites to see which is the best site for you:



Blogger (must have a Google account first)

Starting a new blog might seem a little overwhelming at first, but planning some things ahead of time can make the entire process a lot easier. You'll make decisions about:

  • Your blogging goals
  • How much personal information you wish to share on your blog
  • Your blog's design

Once you have decided which blog is best for you, you need to consider your blog's content. Remember you need to inform people online on the dangers of social media, and the rest of the DigLit course will help you learn about those, but also how social media can help you in the future in terms of career opportunities.

It's also very important to consider that whatever you post onto your blog, you will leave a digital footprint so ensure you maintain the 'Grandma Rule'.

Test your blog - When you have completed your blog show it off to a friend or maybe a younger brother or sister and test to see how easy it is to use and any accessibility problems they may encounter.

Another reason some people blog is to earn money. People earn money from their blogs by hosting advertisementsselling products, or publishing their blog posts in the form of a book or printed articles.

The media often reports on bloggers who have done this successfully, turning their blogs into careers and even a book and movie deals