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    Joint e-Learning Forum FE, HE, WBL and ACL 18th October 2013, Smartlife centre, Cambridge

  • Topic 1

    Taking the forum forward & news update

    Malcolm, Catherine, Ryan & Charlie Williams, e-Learning Forum Chair

  • Topic 2

    Around the region

    Your opportunity to share developments at your organisations and also to seek feedback from your colleagues on a wide range of topics and issues. This part of the day is consistently quoted in our customer feedback surveys as a very valuable. Be ready to bring something to the table!

  • Topic 3

    Tasters for the following workshops

    Carolyn Lewis Fun Functional Skills Workshop - Wednesday 6th November 2013

    Functional skills are always a challenge and making something fun will only help to encourage learner engagement.  Since 1st October 2012, Functional Skills have replaced Key Skills in Apprenticeship frameworks. The transition has raised several challenges for providers, in particular defining an effective and cost-efficient model of delivery to meet the needs of learners and employers. This workshop examines tried and tested delivery models as well as some innovative approaches to delivering and assessing Functional Skills (Themes: efficiency, student experience, curriculum design)

    Geoff Rebbeck Technology & Inspection using your VLE to help improve Inspection

    Do you struggle with engaging your staff using your VLE platform? Are you concerned that inspection may highlight weaknesses in your use of your VLE?  If so, why not join us and Geoff Rebbeck in an exciting training session that aims to help you address these issues. (Themes: efficiency, student experience, curriculum design)

    Elaine Szpytma - Curriculum design, maintaining quality with reduced staff contact hours

    Doing more for less is the mantra of the day and with reduced contact hours it is even more important that we get the curriculum design right from the word ‘GO’.  Elaine Szpytma will lead this workshop which focuses on using technology effectively to deliver a curriculum which meets the needs of your learners and cuts staff dependency. (Themes: efficiency, student experience, curriculum design)


  • Topic 4

    Ofsted Inspection

    Andrew Nightingale, Cambridge Regional College - Post inspection feedback ‘Lessons Learned’

  • Topic 5

    Discover Jisc

    Maria Neary, Essex ACL & Bob Read Acer

    ‘Discover JISC’ is a JISC TechDis project working with providers in the wider FE and Skills sector to explore the many JISC resources and services available to support students with learning difficulties.  ACL Essex has been looking at Accessibility Technologies and Free and Open Source Software to create a bank of exemplars for Entry Level Foundation Skills learners.  ACER (Association of Colleges in the Eastern Region) has also been working as a partner in the project to develop a similar set of exemplar materials for WBL providers that explore an embedded approach to Functional Skills support at Level 1 & 2.

  • Topic 6

    Show & Tell

    Screencasts from Tom Cheek, Easton and Otley College, demonstrating use of and Popplet Mind Maps in teaching.