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  • General

    Teaching, Learning and Technology

    Many justifications exist for using e-learning techniques and technologies in teaching and learning. Most of them start by diving in at the e-learning end of the pool and exploring the advantages of the various technologies.

    This course starts (at the deep end...) by considering what makes a good lesson and considers how e-learning techniques & technologies can contribute to this objective.

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    • Course Aims

      This course aims to explore the pedagogical advantages of blended learning and the use of technology

      By the end of the course users should be aware of:

      • What makes a good lesson
      • How blended learning and the use of technology can help achieve these criteria
      • The practical issues involved in achieving these advantages using e-learning methods and technologies.
      Award for excellent lesson

      • What makes a good lesson?

      • How can e-learning and the use of technology help achieve the criteria for a good lesson?

        Disentangling the various views of what makes a good lesson we can identify some common themes where technology can help. Click on the words at each side to get definitions and ideas.







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        Active Learning

      • How does technology help teachers?

      • Course design and lesson preparation

      • Using this course

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