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    Title Twitter

    Course outline...
    1. Some uses of Twitter
    2. Create a Twitter Account and Understanding Privacy Options
    3. How to Read a Tweet.
    4. Following People - How and Why.
    5. Using the #HashTag for...
    6. Using Twitter for conducting Surveys
    7. Other Twitter Tools
    8. Desk Top Twitter Clients
    9. Summary Guide for Download
    10. Post Course thoughts and Twitter Twaddle

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    A short video on Why YOU might want to use Twitter

  • Some Uses of Twitter...

  • Creating a Twitter Account and Understanding Privacy Options

  • How to read a tweet.

    Anatomy of a Tweet

  • Following People - Why & How

    Twitter Follower pictureThe value of Twitter to YOU depends a lot upon the people you choose to follow. You can think of Twitter as a magazine that is packed with very short articles (about 140 characters long in fact!). Each article provides you with information, news, an opinion, an idle gossip or quip, but the content or the authors at least, are YOUR choice.

    If you are interested in eLearning news you could choose to follow some eLearning experts from anywhere in the world;
    Physics, follow some of the leading research phycists;
    studying politics, follow some of our politicians or @Downing_Street;
    education funding opportunities, follow one of the @JISC services,
    Local town news, follow a local newspaper.

    By following a selection of people from your interest areas, you can create an up to date digital magazine of information that is tailored to your reading interests.

  • Using #HashTags for...

  • Using Twitter for conducting Surveys

    Twitter Vot pictureThere are a range of online tools which can be used to conduct surveys and display the results in the classroom live as they come in.
    The link here provides a list of some of these...

  • Other Twitter Tools....

    Twitter Tool Box Logo

  • Desk Top Twitter Clients.

    There are various ways of displaying and using Twitter from the desktop.
    Each has its own type of User interface and range of features. Which you might choose depends upon personal preference. Bear in mind, each one is being updated almost every few months so it sometimes pays to look at some of the others from time to time.

    Mobile PhoneEach of the ones below also have options for mobile phones. Check the sites for details on options for your mobile phone if you would like to Twitter from your phone on the go.

  • Summary Guide for Download

    This handy pdf guide contains all of the direct weblinks for Twitter resources referred to.

    Title, The Value of Twitter

  • POST COURSE THOUGHTS - And Twitter Twaddle..