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    Augmented Reality

    An introduction to Augmented Reality and its potential for education

    This course is an introductory course and therefore suitable for staff in further and higher education who have limited or no experience of the use of augmented reality. We have endeavoured to capture a flavour of the current use of the technology to provide launch pad for your own research and development.

    The course will:

    • Explain what is meant by the term “Augmented Reality”

    • Outline some of the uses in the academic and the wider world

    • Suggest ways in which freely available applications can be used in the learning environment

    We recognise that not every one will have access to a mobile device that is suitable for working with some of the suggestions and examples. Where possible we have included alternative desktop applications, so there will still be sufficient material for you to achieve the aims of the course. Where we have quoted a specific mobile device application we have been careful to state the operating systems it will work on. In the main these will be iPhone (3Gs or 4), Android and Symbian devices.

  • Topic 1

    What is Augmented Reality?

    This topic sets out to tell you what augmented reality is and to show some examples in general use at the moment. It introduces three types of augmented reality:

    • applications that employ markers
    • applications that work through mobile devices
    • applications working in conjunction with headsets

    Watch this presentation that gives a short introduction to Augmented Reality.

  • Topic 2

    Augmented Reality is developing so fast that we are in danger of becoming bogged down with the technology. This short topic acts as a reminder that we should not get carried away with the technology and focusses our attention on enhancing the learning experience.
  • Topic 3

    Augmented Reality in operation

    We have divided AR into different use categories, with each one explored in a separate section. In each case we provide links to appropriate websites and documents and endeavour to give an indication of how these might be appropriate for educational sectors.

    Click on your chosen category for further information:

  • Topic 4

    Some links that you might find interesting

    The following pages provide links are worth exploring. We have included a brief synopsis for each website. There are many others that we could have included here and no doubt you will want to explore the web to find your own. Where there is an obvious link to a particular subject we have indicated this, but in the main we have included sites that might help you think how AR can be used in your subject area, or in your own organisation.