Topic outline

  • General

    In 2008 RSC Wales undertook an on-line e-learning survey to identify the position of the Work Based Learning sector in Wales in relation to the use of ILT. 

    The main finding of the survey was the need to support providers to develop a strategic approach to developing the use of Information Learning Technologies for whole organisational improvement. 

    The first WBL ILT Strategy Development workshops were delivered in March 2009 and the resources used are included here.

  • Topic 1

    Click on the slide ILT Strategy...A Framework to open the WBL ILT Strategy Development presentation. The file is saved in PowerPoint format.

    If you experience any difficulties running the application try saving it first then opening and running it.

    LIT Strategy presentation
    • Topic 2

      The full version of the WBL on-line e-learning survey, undertaken by RSC Wales in 2008, can be accessed by clicking the graphic on the right.

      The document is in pdf format.

      WBL ILT Survey

      • Topic 3

        Below is a link to a document created from the input of delegates in a mind mapping session.  All software used was open source and capable of being used from a memory stick.

        Delegates were charged with using Freemind mind mapping software to "brainstorm" the strategy development process after considering the position of their own organisations.

        The individual mindmaps were collated into a master copy and exported into an Open Office Writer document.

        The final document opens in pdf format to address accessibility issues.