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  • General

    Tutorial Programme 

  • Topic 1

    Tutorial SS

    Learner Activities

  • Topic 2

    The Students' View

    Learner experiences

    This video explores the Learners' views on what tutorials mean to them and  highlights how essential it is to meet learners' needs.

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    tutor skills check

    Tutor Activities

  • Topic 4

    Target Setting

    This activity explores what makes a good target, target writing is very important in ensuring learners acieve their full potential. The S.M.A.R.T model for writing targets supports you in setting targets which are pecific





    Time bound

  • Topic 5

    Signposting Learners:

    Welcome to

    Student Services

    Our focus is our students' futures and happiness at Otley College. We are available throughout the college day to provide a wealth of support.

    The Student Services Team are located in T Block next to Reception and can be contacted via phone on .


    Head of Student Student Adviser Education Welfare Officer Administrator

    • Topic 6

      Group & 1:1 Tutorial Structure
    • Topic 7

      Using the e-ILP

      • video clip of ILP use
      • help sheet handout to aid ILP completion
      • Exemplar ILP

      • Topic 8

        Active listeningActive listening

        Active listening means listening to what learners think and feel. Good listeners do have things to say, but they also know when to stay quiet and leave the way clear for learners to talk.

        Active listening increases the value of progress reviews.

        • You get to know learners better.
        • Learners find out things about themselves.
        • It can establish an ideal situation for creative thinking and action planning.


        Active listening requires a set of skills that need continuing professional development. They include:

        • Verbal skills. Good listeners choose their words carefully, showing interest and encouraging learners to talk.
        • Body language. How you react is very important. Eye contact, posture and physical closeness all make a difference.
        • Looking after yourself. You need to put your own concerns and worries aside.
      • Topic 9