Topic Name Description
Topic 3 Page What does digital marketing communications offer the WBL provider?
URL See it in action - Havering College example
URL Video - integrated marketing explained, including tools for mobile sites
File Example of integrated marketing by Vocational Innovation Ltd
File Digital Marketing Success Stories
File Integrated Marketing Communication Tips
Topic 4 URL Video: Mobile Marketing - how businesses can benefit
URL Beginners Guide to QR Codes
Page Video: QR Codes in Business
File How do SMS Short Codes Work
URL Employer Engagement Micro-site example, not optimised for mobile use
Page Mobile site example
Topic 5 File A selection of WBL providers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Page Do you know what is being said about your organisation?
URL Manage your social media activities with Hootsuite
Topic 6 Page Provider YouTube Channel Examples
Page Video - Employer Engagement example
Page Video as a Marketing Communications Tool
Page Free and Inexpensive Tools for Video Creation
Topic 7 Page Email newsletter Tips
URL Business Link - Email Marketing
Page Free email newsletter marketing tools
URL Example of an electronic document, in this case a prospectus
Page Free publication creators
URL Employer Engagement Newsletter example