Topic Name Description
Topic 2 URL Case study: Integrating Interactivity to Enrich Study Skills in Induction
File Online Solutions for Supporting Learner Induction and On-going Support
Topic 3 Page Dabbleboard Activity
URL Dabbleboard - whiteboard online collaboration
Page How Aware are You?
Topic 4 URL Google Doc Forms
Page Using Online Surveys
URL Kwik Surveys
Topic 5 URL Case study: Using Video to Streamline Induction
Page Video: Employer's H&S Induction - The Safe Learner
Page Making a Point with Video
Page Health & Safety Video Sources
Page Free Video Hosting Sites
Topic 6 URL Qik - share live videos from a mobile phone
Page Qik for Induction Activities
Page Mapwing Virtual Tours
URL Mapwing - Create Virtual Tours
Topic 7 File Example: Hazards in the Office
File Example: What do you know about Health & Safety?
File Using Hyperlinks & Animations to make PowerPoint Interactive
URL Free iSpring Download
File Example: A Flash Health & Safety Resource (single page)
Topic 8 Page Supporting Induction with a VLE
Page Suggestions for Learner/Employer Voice