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Last updated 07/01/11 

Welcome to the 'Talking Learner Voice' toolbox

It is a real challenge for those training providers who deliver the bulk or all of their training ‘on the job’ to learners in the workplace to achieve the same quality of feedback through their Learner Voice, as those who train their learners ‘off the job’ in a separate centre. Yet because of the absence of teaching observations on classroom delivery the need for this broader Learner Voice feedback is probably even more important for the provider’s quality systems.

There are a wide variety of different delivery methods via which learners can be trained in the workplace. Following on from their Initial Assessment(s) the providers, with the learner and the employer, will create an Individual Learning Plan which will be the most appropriate for their needs. Given the range of these different delivery methods there can be no single tool which can hope to capture the required feedback. Consequently a number of different tools have been developed and it is for each company to select those that best fit with their delivery style and type of learner.

In this course you will find a short learning activity which will introduce the toolbox and its underpinning theories and the toolbox resources.

Plagiarism Awareness & Copyright Infringement ... original material from Coleg Gwent

Dyma cwrs Mwdl i rhoi cymorth yn y Gweithdy Tiwtors Cymraeg i Oedolion yng Nghaerdydd, 19 Mis Tachwedd

This course investigates E-safety issues associated with E-learning. The original course comes from RSC East Midlands, Jan 2009

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